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Chennai Port is working round -the-clock, 7 days a week, to facilitate more export & import through Port of Chennai.

The Port also conducts PORT USERS MEETING periodically to ensure customer satisfaction by maintaining effective service quality to augment exports.

Private equipment are allowed in certain Operational areas to augment rate of loading/discharging of dry bulk cargoes.

50% F.C. VAIGAI Heavy Lifting Cranage Charges need not be paid upto 15 tons weight, if shipped by the vessels own cranes

A rebate of 10% in wharfage on the quantity handled in excess of 10% over and above the previous year's throughput by an individual importer/exporter subject to a minimum handling of 50,000 MT per annum in the previous year.

Comprehensive stevedoring levy of 192% of actual wages for all types of cargoes

C & F Levy for bulk cargoes, ore & timeber logs reduced to 3.75/MT

C & F Levy will be collected through Import Applicaton when actual deployment of labour for C & F operations are there

The TERMINAL HANDLING CHARGES at Chennai Port's Container Terminal are quite competitive even when compared to the Terminal Handling Charges collected at the Regional Ports viz. COLOMBO and SINGAPORE.

For containers consigned to and from INLAND CONTAINER DEPOTS, the Port allows 30 free days including SUNDAYS and Port's HOLIDAYS and for ICD, NEW DELHI it is free upto the date of loading on flats.

TRANSHIPMENT CONTAINERS are allowed 30 free days.

Facilities For Exporters

This has significant bearing on the Port's performance making this port a trendsetter in export performance envisaging the following advantage for Port Users:

The concept of single window clearance is adopted by Chennai Port and an Export Documentation Centre housing Customs, Chennai Clearing and Forwarding, Dock Labour Board, etc. is located inside the port complex;

The palletised cargo is given 10% rebate on wharfage and the weight of the pallet is not taken into account for the purpose of calculating wharfage;

30 days free day time is allowed for aggregating the export cargo on the wharf before the arrival of the vessel;

Open space is made available in transit area for export cargo such as barytes, quartz, on rental basis

Demurrage for export goods lying in transit shed beyond 30 days is charged on minimum flat rate basis of Rs.3 per wharfage unit per day or part thereof

100% waiver of heavy lift charges on Export of Raw Granite Blocks

Preferential allotment of space for storage of export cargo

For export of motor cars, jeeps and vans using the Ro-Ro system an export promotional wharfage rate on ad valorem basis of only 0.3% of FOB value is charged

The Chennai Port offers Priority berthing facilities for Export Oriented vessels. In addition, a scheme called PRIORITY BERTH RESERVATION SCHEME approved by Government for berthing vessels on arrival on payment of BERTH RESERVATION FEE is being made popular among the trade.

A Senior Traffic Officer has been re-designated as Export Promotion Cell Officer to co-ordinate with the HIGH POWER COMMITTEE constituted for the redressal of grievances faced by the Exporters.

With the permission of the Commissioner of Customs there are 11 Container Freight Stations functioning outside the port limit but within the City limit to cater to the total stuffing requirement of export cargoes in containers. The Customs have also permitted some categories of cargoes to be HOUSE STUFFED.

Almost 100% of the Export FCL containers are stuffed outside the Port and loaded containers are brought into the terminal for shipment.

Only Less than Container Load (LCL) export cargoes are stuffed inside the Port for which a very modern EXPORT CONTAINER FREIGHT STATION, is functioning within the port where ON WHEEL LOADING facilities are available.

Direct Shipment of Granite Blocks is permitted.

The Export cargo shut out by the ship by act of God such as Cyclone, grounding of vessels, etc. are allowed TWO WORKING DAYS AS ADDITIONAL FREE DAYS next to the date of completion of taking in of export by the vessel.

No DEMURRAGE CHARGES on the cargo stuffed in the container for export and lying in the container terminal. Only storage charges are collected.

Priority berthing is given for export vessels (one vessel at a time)

Demurrage for export goods lying in transit shed beyond 30 days is charged on minimum flat rate basis of 3.60 per wharfage unit per da or part thereof

Heavy lift charges on export of Raw Granite Blocks is waived

Preferential allotment of space for storage of export cargo

To attract agricultural products, Port has introduced a reduced Tariff of Rs. 7.50/- per tonne for the Export of bagged Sugar, Wheat and Rice

When direct delivery/direct loading is allowed, no C & F charges will be applicable. This gives substantial reduction in charges for Granite Blocks, Barytes in Bags, Steel etc., Wherever directly loaded/delivered

To facilitate export of iron ore through Chennai Port, Iron Ore Pellets & Lumps are being allowed to be exported through Jawahar Dock.

Facilities For Importers

Import Counters for filing Import Applications are kept open on all Board Holidays except on Board's Closed Holidays and Sundays.

CRANAGE on Heavy Lift Packages has been reduced.

STORAGE CHARGES on abandoned FCL containers is restricted upto 2 months.

In case the Trust is unable to supply Mechanical Equipment, use of private equipment is permitted.

Weighment is not at all required for DRY BULK CARGOES

When the port is unable to trace the package at the time of delivery owing to congestion or wrong sorting or incorrect tally, ADDITIONAL FREE DAYS are allowed from the date of receipt of enquiry till the package are traced out and intimated.


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