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Welcome to Chennai Port

Situated in the coromandel coast in South-East India, the port of Chennai has more than 100 years of tradition.   Read More »

What's New

Trade Circular - Release of BETA Version of National Logistics Portal Marine

Trade Notice - Concession in VRC for Coastal Vessels carrying Coastal Transhipment & EXIM Transhipment Cargo

Trade Notice - Extension of validity of Upfront tariff for Stevedoring & Shore Handling services at Chennai Port

Trade Notice - Fixation of Royalty - Effective from 01.06.2022

Trade Notice - Representation of Trade not to implement escalation

Adoption of exixsing Scale of rates under Major Port Authorities Act,2021

Trade Notice for annual escalation of Scale of Rates

Trade Notice - Implementation of ChPT(Licensing of Stevedoring& Shore Handling)Regs,2021- Annual Indexation

Trade Notice - Charges for the use of 100 tonne Mobile Harbour Cranes

80% waiver of Port Railway Charges handled by M/s CONCOR through rail

Vessel Related Charges - Concession in Vessel Related Charges for Container Vessels

Rationalization of Tariff for Cruise Vessels arriving in India - Extension of Tenure

Trade Notice-Modification/Changes in allotment procedure for land/Building

Indexed upfront tariff schedule for Stevedoring & Shore Handling Services 2021-22

Levy - Reduction of General Levy on Agricultural produce - Concession of 80% on 192% for stevedoring operations

PASS SECTION-Security-Sensitization on Security of Port - Strict Compliance

Modification/changes in allotment procedure for storage area, buildings inside customs notified area and e-tender-cum-auction procedure – Trade’s Opinion

Trade Notice - Handling of BCN Rakes - Penal Demurrage

Chennai Port Trust (Licensing of Stevedoring & Shore Handling) Regulations, 2021

Ban on participation in tender of the firm viz., M/s.M.Govindaraj Contractor & Earth Movers,

NICDC's Logistics Data Bank - Revised rates of Mandatory User Charges (MUC)

NICDC's Logistics Data Bank - Continuation of existing rates of Mandatory User Charges (MUC)

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