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Chennai Port Trust Application For Enlistment As Vendor In Materials Management Division

Please read General Conditions carefully before filling the Registration Form

* Fields are mandatory


Name of the firm

  Phone no
  Fax no
  E-mail address

Date of establishment

  2 If a limited concern, give authorized and
issued capital
  If a Partnership concern, give name of all partners.
  If a proprietary concern, give name of the proprietor
  Name and address of all companies, 
firms or associates of persons in Which
the applicant is substantially interested


3 If you are a manufacturer, state,
  Articles manufactured   
  The address of your workshop   
  No. of men employed

List of Machineries you have, with full particulars like capacity type Etc.

  Whether R & D facilities available,
If so, details may be furnished.

If you are an accredited Agent/ Distributor / Authorised stockist of any manufacturer,
enclose copies of certificates

  Approximate value of stocks
  Address of your godown, if any




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