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Other Major Projects
National Maritime Development Scheme Other Major Projects


Chennai-Ennore Port road connectivity project (formerly EMRIP)

  • Current estimated cost - `600 Crores

  • Project road network covering 30.1 km.

    • Ennore Expressway 6.0 kms

    • Thiruvotriyur Ponneri Pancheti Road 9 Km.

    • Manali Oil Refinery Road 5.4 kms.

    • Northern segment of Inner Ring Road 8.1 Km.

    • ChPT Fishing Harbour Road - 1.6 km

    • Shore protection measures comprising 13 groins along the Ennore coast.

    • R&R for 1824 Project Affected Families.

    • Contract for shore protection work (10 Nos of Groins) have been completed.

    • SPV-CEPRCL comprising NHAI , ChPT, EPL and GoTN constituted for the project. 

  • Revised Equity contribution of ChPT is ` 139.80 Cr. and Debt contribution is `110.68 Cr.

  • MoS accord approval for the enhanced equity of `139.80 crores and loan/debt contribution of `110.68 crores vide letter No.28025/4/2006-PLN dated 12.06.2012

  • ChPT has paid the entire equity amount of `139.80 Crores.

  • Status of the Project

    • Contract awarded for the following works on 303.06.2011 to M/s Coastal - SPL (JV) by NHAI.

    • Contract value `253.47 Crores.

    • Duration of contract: 24 months & Schedule date of completion is 02.06.2013 and extended upto 31.12.2013. However, the extension time has been recommended by NHAI upto 31.05.2014, 31.07.2014 & 30.09.2014. Now, the contractor requested to extend the contract period for completing the project upto January 2015.

    • The delay in completion of the project is mainly due to non-shifting of Project Affected Families (PAF's) from the alignment of road in two small stretches by Government of Tamil Nadu, for which Chennai Port and NHAI is pursuing for early completion.

    • A review meeting was convened by Chairman, Chennai Port Trust on 13.02.15 wherein it was decided to sort out the pending issues by conducting meeting with Officials of State Govt. and CPCL.

    • Physical Progress as on 31.01.2015 is 91%.


Development of a Ro-Ro cum multi purpose berth and multi level car parking facility.

  • PPP Proposal Dropped.

  • As resolved by the Board Multilevel Car Parking facility alone is under proposal with the internal resources of Chennai Port.

  • Subsequently, the board has resolved to defer the proposal for construction of  Multilevel Car parking Facility near North Quay till finalization of the proposal of BD II.


Development of  Chennai Mega Terminal at Chennai Port has been re-structured as Development of New Outer Harbour to the north of the Bharathi Dock on BOT basis

  • Estimated Cost `5100 crores.(to be developed under PPP mode)

  • Capacity: 35 MTPA

    • Development of Outer Harbour Terminal includes 6 berths of 1.5 km long quay and an ultimate alongside depth of 15 m sheltered by a breakwater system of about 4.75 km length.

  • Present Status of the Project:

    • In the Board meeting held on 27.06.2013, the Board approved to initiate action for restructuring the project as per the present market conditions. During the Board Meeting held on 30.12.2013, the Board renamed the project "Development of Mega Container Terminal" as "Development of Outer Harbour Project"

    • The Board vide its Resolution No. 114, dtd.28.08.2014, resolved to adopt the Project for implementing without any funding ie No Funding Option for implementation and finalize financial analysis by incorporating the suggestion on capital cost and IDC etc., Ernst & Young LLP, TA has prepared the RFQ document based on the factors in financial analysis and phasing of implementation as directed by the Board. The sale of RFQ Document was extended from 13.11.2014 to 27.11.2014 and further extended upto 26.12.2014. On the Bid Due Date 29.12.2014, no bids were received. Based on the instructions of the Port, the Transaction Adviser, Ernst & Young Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad (E&Y) in their letter dt 30th December 2014 for deliberation and further decision. The Board resolved to explore the possibility of initiating action for inviting RFQ one more time and Port may also move the Govt. for financial assistance for reclamation in the proposed site.

    • For reclamation of 60 Hectares of land near Gate No.1 to the north of Bharathi Dock adjacent to Eastern Breakwater, preparation of estimate is under progress. After finalizing the estimate, ChPT will approach Government for financial assistance for reclamation in the proposed site.

    • SCZMA has recommended the proposal to MoEF vide letter NO.12962/EC3/2011-14 dt.23.11.12. MoEF considered the proposal during the meeting held on 28.02.2014 and the project clearance is still awaited. 


Development of Integrated Dry Port & Multi-modal Logistics Hub near Sriperambudur

  • Estimated Cost `100 crs.

  • Proposed to develop an Integrated Dry Port and Inter-Modal Logistics Hub including an Off Dock CFS/ICD with an estimated cost of `415.00 Cr.

  • Off-dock CFS will have onsite Customs Clearance facility.

  • Facility to be offered for development through PPP mode.

  • Chennai Port has acquired a land measuring 121.74 acres from SIPCOT in two parcels at Mappedu village near Sriperumbudur on 99 years lease basis.

  • Present Status:

  • Due to non-receipt of bids for development of the facility under PPP mode, it is proposed to allot the land on Long Term Lease basis as per land policy guidelines.

  • Tenders invited for all the three parcels of land viz., 14.96 acre, 34.17 acre and 72.96 acres for development of this facility on land lease model based on new land policy guidelines issued in 2014. However, offers received for the 14.96 acre land parcel only.

  • As per the guidelines, auction was also conducted and the highest offer is from the bidder viz., Ennore Cargo Containers Pvt.Ltd, Chennai.

  • After obtaining Competent Authority's approval, Letter of Intent issued to the successful bidder Ennore Cargo Container Terminal on 04.07.2014 subject to LoA will be issued on receipt of written consent from SIPCOT for sub-leasing.

  • In this regard, SIPCOT forwarded their consent on 15.07.2014 subject to pay license fee of `1,79,52,000/- together with service tax of `.22,18,870/-

  • As requested by SIPCOT, the terms and conditions to be entered with the Licensee was also forwarded and reply is awaited. Further, DO letter was also sent to SIPCOT on 16.12.14 to waive license fee for sub-lease.

  • Meanwhile, the successful bidder of Ennore Cargo Container Terminal also requested to grant extension till March 2015 for decision about acceptance of LoI and making payment, due to decline in business trend in and around Sriperumbudur Industrial Belt.

  • The above facts were placed in Board Meeting held on 19.11.14 and informed that further course of action will be decided either to re-invite tender for remaining parcels of land without license fee for sub-lease or surrendering the land to SIPCOT, after receipt of the decision of SIPCOT regarding the request of ChPT for waving the license fee for sub-lease.

  • The Board resolved to accept the request of M/s Ennore Cargo Container Terminal Pvt.Ltd for granting time till 31st March 2015 for accepting the LOI.

Development of Barge Handling Facility.

  • Estimated Cost - `26 crores.

  • Development of Barge Handling facility in Bharathi Dock of Port.

  • Facility to be offered for development through PPP mode.

  • MoS accorded approval for the Project vide letter No.25021/5/2012-ChPT dt. 20.12.12

  • Letter of Award issued to the selected Bidder on 30.1.13. Concession Agreement signed with Chennai Bunkering Terminal Pvt.Ltd.,Chennai SPV formed by IMC Ltd., for the project on 30.03.2013

  • Present Status of the Project:

  • On the extended deadline for fulfilling Conditions Precedent, the Concessionaire furnished Financing plan, Performance Guarantee and other relevant documents.

  • The Board considered the submissions of the Concessionaire and resolved that the phasing of development proposed by the Concessionaire is not as per the Concession Agreemnet.

  • Hence, one more extension is advised by the Board till 30.03.2015. Hence, the Concessionaire was informed to furnish fresh financing Plan and the deadline for fulfilling the Conditions Precedent was extended upto 28.02.2015.

  • Environmental clearance has been accorded by MoE&F on 27.08.2014.

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