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Other Major Projects
National Maritime Development Scheme Other Major Projects


Chennai-Ennore Port road connectivity project (formerly EMRIP)

  • Current estimated cost - `600 Crores

  • Project road network covering 30.1 km.

    • Ennore Expressway 6.0 kms

    • Thiruvotriyur Ponneri Pancheti Road 9 Km.

    • Manali Oil Refinery Road 5.4 kms.

    • Northern segment of Inner Ring Road 8.1 Km.

    • ChPT Fishing Harbour Road - 1.6 km

    • Shore protection measures comprising 13 groins along the Ennore coast.

    • R&R for 1824 Project Affected Families.

  • SPV-CEPRCL comprising NHAI , ChPT, EPL and GoTN constituted for this project. 

  • Current status

    • Contract for shore protection work (10 Nos of Groins) have been completed.

    • NHAI issued work order for balance civil works viz. TPP Road four laning, MOR road, northern segment of Inner Ring Road, 1.6 Km stretch from Chennai Port Gate No.1 to Ennore Expressway (inside Fishing Harbour) and 3 groins.

    • Work Commenced in the presence of Hon'ble Union Minister of Shipping and works are in progress. As on 25.09.13, the progress is 70.82%.

    • Chennai Port has so far paid `139.80 crs for the project.

    • Equity contribution of Chennai Port has been enhanced to `139.80 crs and Debt contribution is `110.68 crs

    • Works in all the reaches is in progress including 1.6 km inside the Fisheries harbour.

    • Project is scheduled to complete by December 2013.


Development of a Ro-Ro cum multi purpose berth and multi level car parking facility.

  • PPP Proposal Dropped.

  • As per Board direction Multilevel Car Parking facility alone is under proposal with the internal resources of Chennai Port.

  • B.R.No.113 of the meeting held on 03.08.13, wherein the board has resolved to defer the proposal for construction of Multilevel Car parking Facility near North Quay till finalization of the proposal of BD II.


Development of  Chennai Mega Terminal

  • Estimated Cost `3686 crores.

  • Infrastructure to be developed north of existing Bharathi Dock

    • Two new breakwaters (total length 4.5 kms.)

    • Continuous quay length of 2 KM with 22 m. alongside depth (ultimate)

  • Can handle ultra large container ships of capacity over 15000 TEUs and length 400 m.

  • Project Development proposed on BOT basis. The BOT operator will invest on berth & breakwater construction, reclamation of backup area, handling equipment and other landside infrastructure (` 3125 crs). The cost of dredging, floating crafts and navigational aids (` 561 crs) will be borne by Chennai Port.

  • Rated capacity 4 million TEUs per annum.

  • Govt. approval received on 22.10.2010. 

  • No Bids were received on the due date 26.06.13. As desired in the Board Meeting held on 27.06.13, a proposal for appointing a new consultant as the Transaction Advisor for the project for in depth review of feasibility of project was placed in the Board Meeting held on 03.08.13. As approved by the Board, RFP invited for selection of TA for the project.

  • On the Bid due date 18.09.13, five offers were received. After technical evaluation, financial proposal was opened. In the Negotiation meeting held with the Lowest Bidder (E&Y LLP), the Bidder has offered reduction of `90000 on his professional fee. Issue of LOA to the Bidder is in process.


Development of Integrated Dry Port & Multi-modal Logistics Hub near Sriperambudur

  • Estimated Cost `415 crs.

  • Proposed components ICD / Off dock CFS, Container Yard, Connectivity, Trade Centre, warehouses for containerized cargos like leather garments, Textiles, Automotive components & Electronic hardware.

  • Off-dock CFS will have onsite Customs Clearance facility.

  • Facility to be offered for development through PPP mode.

  • SIPCOT has alloted 125.17 acres land at Mappedu, Sriperumbudur on 99 years lease basis for the development of Dry Port, based on the MoS approval dt.30.08.10.An amount of `100.136 crores was paid as land lease charges for the allotment.

  • Lease agreement process has been completed on 20.03.13 for the total area of 121.74 acres.

  • TAMP notified the tariff for the proposal vide order dt.24.01.2013.

  • Project approval and security clearance received from MoS.

  • As no Bid received on the due date, this has been informed to the Board. As desired in the Board meeting held on 27.06.2013, fresh proposal for project restructuring options placed in the Board meeting on 03.08.2013. ChPT has approached Balmer Lawrie and Company Ltd., for restructuring the project through Joint Venture. In response, Balmer Lawrie has appointed a consultant for preparing a feasibility study. Study report is awaited.

Development of Barge Handling Facility.

  • Estimated Cost - `26 crores.

  • Development of Barge Handling facility in Bharathi Dock of Port.

  • Facility to be offered for development through PPP mode.

  • DPR has been prepared and Transaction Advisor appointed.

  • The TAMP issued order for fixation of upfront Tariff for the Project.

  • RFQ invited with due date 28.03.12 and seven applications received.

  • Evaluation completed and six applicants are pre-qualified.

  • RFP issued to the prequalified RFQ Applicants from 19.12.12.

  • Bid opened on 22.01.13. One Bid received from IMC Ltd., Board resolved to accept the offer of IMC. Letter of Award issued to the selected Bidder on 30.01.13

  • Concession Agreement executed on 30.03.2013 with Chennai Bunkering Terminal Pvt.Ltd.,a SPV  formed by the selected Bidder IMC Ltd.

  • Due date for fulfilling Condition Precedent(CA) extended upto 30.09.2013

  • Meeting with the Concessionaire held on 17.09.13 to review the status of the Project. As requested by the Concessionaire, Board Note submitted to the Board for extension of Due date for fulfilment of Conditions Precedent upto 31.01.2014.

  • WAPCOS Ltd., is appointed as a Consultant for preparation of EIA and assisting Chennai Port for obtaining Environmental Clearance for Barge Handling facility project.

  • Based on the finalisation of draft EIA report, a request was submitted to the District Authority(District Environmental Engineer of TNPCB) on 19.09.13 to arrange for Public hearing as directed by the MoEF for this project.

  • Appointment of Independent Engineer for the Project is in process. After evaluation, the Financial Bid of the Pre-qualified applicants opened on 04.09.13. L1 offer received from L&T Ramboll.

  • As per RFP conditions a negotiation was conducted with the selected applicant on 23.09.13.

  • In the negotiation meeting, the Consultant offered 1% discount on the quoted fee.

  • Issue of LOA to L&T Rambo;; is under process.

  • Validity of Bid extended by the firm upto 25.12.13.

  • Project completion likely by July 2014.

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