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  1. What is the procedure to register as steamer agent?

    The Port user should submit the following documents to the Deputy Conservator.

    • Copies of the Memorandum & Articles of Association of the Company which seeks registration as Steamer Agents at Chennai Port should be attested by the Registrar of Companies concerned and enclosed along with the application, with original for verification. In case of Sole Proprietorship Concern and Partnership Firms, copies of the documents certified by the Registrar of Firms are to be enclosed with original for verification.

    • Attested copy of the PAN CARD of the company with original for verification.

    • Letter from the Owners of the vessel appointing the Applicant as their Steamer Agents at Chennai Port to be produced in original with details on the vessels owned by the owners.

    • Power of Attorney in original nominating/ appointing Personnel to act, execute and perform on behalf of the Applicant.

    • Letter in original from the Chennai & Ennore Ports Steamer Agentsí Association (CHENSAA) certifying the Applicant as their member.

  2. How can excess funds available in EDI Account be released ?

    They have been instructed to follow T.M.ís circular No. B1/0450/2008/T, dated 19.06.2009.

  3. Should payment of vessel  related charges be remitted before arrival of vessel ?

Yes, as per the audit observation, the payment of vessel related charges should be remitted in their EDI Account before arrival of the vessel, failing which penal charges will be levied.




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